16 January 2015

You Are Worth It

Gather around, children. It's time for a lesson from the social fatality.

Have you ever wished you could be gone? Away from this world? You might think that I am going to lecture you and virtually baptize you (i don't know either) but I'm not.


Because I am going through the same thing.

Weird right?

Usually people tell you how they have succeeded in life and how you can too, but I am not because if I knew the answer... well I would have used it a LONG time ago.

So forget the advice you were expecting and listen to me.

I understand.

I am here for you.

Talk to me when you are angry, sad, bored, whatever it is! I will not lecture you, get mad at you, or tell you you are wrong because I am going through the same thing.

You are amazing.

You are beautiful.

You are human.

Humans make mistakes, and in the end, we all need somebody to lean on :)

^ Please watch the lyrics! ^

So please feel free to put the buttons below ALL over your blog.

The look of your blog doesn't matter.

What matters is that one person who needs you the most.

(each button will be linked to this post, so please comment any advice to people who need help)

Social Fatality
Social Fatality
Social Fatality
Social Fatality
Social Fatality

xx Jelena Kimberlee
(the social fatality)


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