Hey everyone! It's Jelena here! (j-uh-lee-n-uh)
I am a teen blogger who loves writing, skateboarding, and photography.
If I am not blogging, I am eating. Plain and simple.
Since I have no idea how to introduce myself like this, I will put my intro in skull bullets.
Soon to be aunt
☠ I love pretty much all kinds of music (with exceptions)
☠ Blogging is my favorite hobby
☠ I have two lovely dogs and one depressing cat
☠ I am 5'5 (my goal is 6 foot)
☠ I HATE PHOTOS OF ME but selfies are fine
☠ I love The Simpsons
☠ I'm an idjit.
☠ Vas Happenin?
☠ Cowabunga Dude!
☠ Beast Boy + Raven = Perfection
☠ All magic comes with a price, dearie 
☠ I can either be very normal or extremely depressed (no exceptions)
☠ I love writing stories and poetry
☠I have an obsession with masks.

☠Bands include.....

Stone Sour
Band Of Skulls
Much More...

I think that is mainly it for the skulls, but let's do some fun questions,

fav color?

purple or black, depending on the day

fav animal?

wolf or tiger

fav book?

one does not simply answer that question.

fav hero?

bucky barnes don't question me

fav villian?


fav foods?

pizza, fudge, garlic bread

fav stores?

hot topic, rue 21 or claires 

fav characters?

cressida, raven, michelangelo...

fav hobby?
skateboarding or dramatically air-drumming to rock music (especially stone sour)

Umm that's it for now?

Okay, PLEASE comment and follow and tell your friends :)

Bye :)

xx Jelena Kimberlee
(the social fatality)





  1. Okay for starters, my favorite colors are purple and black...
    I can never answer that book question either.
    I love Bucky Barnes and would never question you as to why you do.
    The Joker is hands down thebestvillaineverandIreallyreallylikehim.
    Pizza and/or fudge are incredible.
    Hot Topic is on my love-hate list. And Claire's has lost a lot of my like-ness, but I will check out their earrings sometimes;)

    I just stumbled across your blog:) Keep up the good work. Love the blog design. Nicole did well.

    1. :o omg did your highness just comment on my blog.

      Thank you so much for the comment! I really appreciate it! You just made my day and I LOVE your blog as well!

      Lots of love,

      xx Jelena Kimberlee
      (the social fatality)
      (tell your friends and i'll tell mine lol)

  2. Just came upon your blog and it's such a fun one. ^_^

    1. Thank you SO much! I so appreciate it! I will be posting more now :)

  3. Im also 5'5"... I also wanna be around 6'... lol
    I like ur response to ur fave book lol

  4. Your name is Jelena? Just like the Selena Gomez and Just Bieber ship name xD It's pretty though! Looove your blue hair omg *o* the "Vas Happenin" Zayn thing though xD (I only know that because my bff is a Directioner >_<) omg Bucky Barnes yesyesyesyesyes. lol I just love everything about this about me page and I love your blog design, it's like literally beyond anything I've seen on Blogger, at least for a kid!

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Ugh yes D: That is why I sometimes despise my name... Thanks and yes DIRECTIONER FOUR-EVER! Thank You btw because I am working on blog design so thanks :)

      Thank you for the compliments...

      xx Jelena


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