12 March 2015

DIY Inspiration Book

While I am on a very rare DIY kick, I thought I would show you my latest creation!
I present to you... The Inspiration Book!

 I decided to give this tutorial AFTER I made it, so I am just going to EXPLAIN the steps
1. Find a hard book with peel able pictures in it that you can tear out. I used a basic baby book \/
2. Tear off the pictures on each page
3. Find some pictures, lyrics, or paper that might spark some ideas to help you get inspired. I use a lot of lyrics, because then I can think of music, and get some creative juices flowing

One Direction totally ruins the whole emo/punk theme lol

I actually drew this, then cut out the eye
4. Glue or modge podge on your favs, and you're done!
Tell me what you think about more DIY posts!


  1. Wow! Nice DIY! I love your website/blog, it's amazing! I love Paramore, Lorde, The 1975 etc too. ♥


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