22 February 2015

Take Me To Church

Okay, so I finally have the will to write an extremely long post about what happened over the weekend.


Also, I am not going to preach a lot (lol) This post is mainly what I DID because I can't even properly explain what I FELT.

Okay, so on Thursday (February 5th) I started packing all of my clothes and things for this church event that was happening. I went to the church only 2 times and I just felt at home you know?

Normally at churches, I am left out because how I look, how I act, or just pretty much anything that resembles me. (go figures) So I made this bond I guess with everyone there on the second time considering no once criticized me. Like I said in my first post, the first time I went, I casually tapped my foot and clapped my hands. By the second time, I was jumping like some weirdo on drugs.

Before we begin on my weekend, let me explain more about the second time I went to the church.

Okay, so I went with Elizabeth again and her sister tagged along. The band was awesome, and I could NOT stop staring at the drums. Anyways, the service was awesome, the pastor (he's like 20 something but he has a beard :o) had these about 12 pieces of paper, and on each they said things like depression, worry, anxiety... etc. So one at a time someone who was battling one of those would come up and tear it apart. When depression came up, this girl Rachel (she will also come in later) and I tore up that stupid pain in the butt :p That was pretty much it tbh

Okay, well like I said, I packed, then on Friday left to the church and we went like 2 hours away in a giant van to a ranch (not the dressing) In the van, I talked to some people, but mostly shoved my face with chocolate candy things and pretzels. Oh, and Brandon was across the isle from us with his girlfriend, and I kept yelling at him, trying to ask him what time it was, but he was absolutely deaf, so I decided to record it.

We all then arrived at the place at some time later on, and we all went to our assigned cabins, then gathered in the main building to eat pizza. Then I noticed that all of the people I recognized disappeared. I then left the main entry place and was walking everywhere when I saw Brandon was lost too. We then hung out and talked about when we started going to the church and what instruments we play and all that. I then followed him around when we finally realized that our people never left.

Next we had service, and I forgot everything about it because I was so tired. BUT there was a big tribal dance routine in the beginning, and I remember dancing around like a buffoon. BTW the MVMNT Band played at every service and they are AWESOME.

Okay, so after service, we had free time. It was already 11, so I just walked around talking to nobody being my depressed usual self. I then sat by the campfire with some people and talked about our testimonies. I eventually went back to the cabins at like 1:00 and woke up in the morning at 5:30. Surprisingly, I felt energized!
Next day rolls around and it is the day that we do all of the "fun" activities. Yeahhh... no. So the night before, I had made friends with some of the girls in my cabins, then talked to Brandon because he is the only other new-ish person to the church as well. While he and many others decided to not do the activities...I decide why not? yeahhh... wrong choice. So we all had breakfast, I played shuffle board with a girl, Lauren, we had an awesome service, then we got ready for the games.

After my tortoise team performs the suckiest chant in history, we begin in this clue finding thing. You see, my younger self would be DYING to do this. But as soon as they started making us compete and run for clues across a freakin million acre land, I decided I would rather sleep. But nooooooooooooo we can't quit yet. So we find all of the clues, and we transition into capture the flag.

We had had other games we did before this, like musical chairs, eat the Cheetos of your feet, and whocandotheawkwardmovementthefastest, but I failed miserably in all of them.

So there is a team called chaos, and they dress in all black and try to steal our teams flags anywhere we go around camp. So all of the teams got in one big circle together with their flags behind them and we went through this long process of instructions then finally played.

four words:


Man, people were crying and bleeding, one girl got sucker punched in the nose, and it was just not my day to throw myself on the line like that. So as Lauren (a friend) and I puppy-guarded the flag, we eventually got kicked out and sat on the sidelines as we called our own team members puppy guarders. (it was a rough day)

BTW The three churches that went to the camp thing were all mixed together and divided into animal groups. Ironically, I was a tortoise.

We then went back to our camps and had free time, but I started feeling really sick and groggy, so I tried to sleep. (that didn't work) I then crawled over to service and ended up feeling better later on. Service started later on in the night. Let me tell you. That night was such a plot twist sheesh. What I mean is that I was asleep for two minutes during service because I was SO TIRED. Then the whole service just took this GIANT turn and we started an old fashion fire tunnel. What it is, is that the leaders and people who can pray over every one else make this long tunnel, and when we walk through, they pray for us and speak in tongues. I was towards the end of the line, so I had to wait for a while.

While I was waiting, It started getting REALLY hard to breath. My heart was thumping out of my chest, and my ears were ringing. But as I went through, I just felt so hyped! I felt like all of the stuff I am going through or have gone through was just lifted off my shoulders! I then was finally through, then I just started crying like a baby. Man I can't even explain it. I eventually go back to the cabins and PASS OUT.

Next day rolls around and we have yet another AWESOME service. That day, I just felt so happy. I even... *deep breath* smiled. I was still bummed that it was the last day though, but I eventually ended up in the van on my way home.


Now I have to admit, I was still kind of sick feeling from the night before, but I managed to get home and start getting ready for ANOTHER service that my youth group was going to. You may be thinking, "sheesh you just finished a camp with the cold or something, now you want to go to another service?"

Yes. Yes I did.

We then had a service, and went to In-N-Out afterwards. I then talked to a dude who look slike Abraham Lincoln and his friend. They are like 20 something, but let me tell you. THEY HATE In-N-Out Burger. It was hilarious listening to them.

I then got home and kept going to church. My friend, Brandon (he's a 20-something year old drummer) then suggested that I go to the Sunday service, so I agreed and It JUST SO happened that I had to give a testimony!

Man I was so scared, my voice was shaking an everything. But then I got a standing ovation, and even had one guy tell me he loved me because I spoke his testimony (wow)

And that's pretty much it!

Sorry I couldn't really give a "message" but if y'all want me to I can! Bye!

Read about my first time at the church here.

(I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was really into the camp, but I have some!)



A real life selfie stick



From the day I gave my testimonial in front of everyone:


Of COURSE my eyes were closed!

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