24 January 2015

shopping + cool pics

so since my thighs have taken on the responsibility of inflating to the size of russia, i need new pants.

we ended up going to places like old navy (ick), body central, american eagle, papaya, and many other places. fun right? WRONG. My nose is as stuffed as a turkey on thanksgiving, and i look like CRAP. so as i followed my stepmom around, mumbling to myself due to bad side effects, I look like a disgusting ghost. and of COURSE the one day i wear no makeup... there are pretty girls and cute guys EVERYWHERE. funny how it works right? but NO whe i wear makeup and i actually look DECENT the only person around is some creepy old man staring at me in his big ol van (he he that rhymes)

I then skated myself away from REALITY

then we made burgers :)


xx Jelena Kimberlee
(the social fatality)

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