25 January 2015



I smile at him, his face orange in the bright sunset. He combs his long fingers through his black hair and grins back. We stare down at the city, the glass reflecting back the sun just right. The wind blows through the side of the helicopter, and sways us back and forth. Joe’s expression fades from a grin to a worried look. “What is it?” I ask, but before he can answer, I look to my right to see another helicopter coming straight for us. The pilot yells into his headset, “mayday mayday!”. I scream as the other helicopter’s propellers come flying towards us, shattering the windows. Our helicopter plummets down, the wind howling like a train.  I turn my head to see Joe’s bloody head. His neck is sideways against the seat. A scream emerges from the pilot as he falls out of the helicopter. His fingers grip the edge, but slip off soon after.

I cry out just as everything turns black.

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  1. Outrageous GlamourJanuary 25, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    OMG. Nooooooo. Is Joe dead? I mean I know you say his head is bloody but it can't end like this. Btw amazing story, ignore my exaggeration in the first part of my comment.

    1. yay! I got the reaction i wanted. I want you to feel in suspense and worry.

      Write your own endings...

      xx Jelena


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