02 March 2015

GIF Challenge

Okay so I bet there is already a challenge for this out there... but I am making a new one!

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1. When my Mom calls me by my full name

2. When my parents talk about ordering pizza

3. When my favorite song comes on

4. When I watch Supernatural

5. When someone approaches me in public

6. When I finally get money

7. When I make a new ship

8. When I go to a social event

9. When someone compliments me

10. When someone points out that my hair is blue

11.  When someone in public bumps into me, or is rude to me

12. When I am eating too much

13. Whenever I take a really good picture

14. When a new episode of a TV series I like comes on

Use my situations! I nominate Viviane and Kate


  1. Haha this is an awesome challenge! Thanks for nominating me!

  2. Hey Jelena! I finally got the time to do this challenge and I tried to copy and paste your situations but those functions are disabled on your page. Could you email me the situations? viviane.barelyadult@gmail.com Thanks :)

    1. It's up! http://barelyadult.blogspot.com/2015/03/gif-challenge.html


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